Commercial Support

The following companies offer commercial support services for Bricolage.

Buelskaemper Information Architecture

Buelskaemper Information Architecture, based in Germany, offers implementation concepts and services including accessible and well-designed CSS-driven Web sites and Mason templating.

Digital Craftsmen

Digital Craftsmen provide Bricolage implementation services and hosting options in the UK and Europe.


Endeworks, based in Japan, which offers application development and consulting services, provides Bricolage implementation and hosting services.

Gossamer Threads

Gossamer Threads has been working with Perl and developing applications in Perl since 1995. Drawing upon their experience with the language, they've set up a hosting platform to support Bricolage the way it should be supported.


Founded by Bricolage maintainer and lead developer David Wheeler, Kineticode is the leading provider of Bricolage-related support services.